Words @reneeruin

I wanna burn my skin alive

Use you like my harbinger of pain

Extinguish me in every way

X, Y, Fuck you

I’ll wrap you in thorns and make you a martyr

A pathetic ego disguised as free

Drink it down boy, snakes are crawling

I think your tail is showing

Just when I thought I was nothing but ordinary

The muzzle slipped through my fingers

It’s for the girl I lost and loved all along



March 20

She’s a black Pegasus in the sun

Hiding in darker places

Wishing someone could see her

Holding out her fingers to catch fire

Climbing walls we once saw through

Lift the covers and let her dream

Every wall has a pointed edge

And everyone is scared of the girl with the thorned edge

The bed may be empty

The floors may be cold

You couldn’t hear a sound

But she was dancing across floorboards

Crossing her fingers, she lowers her head

You’ll dream of her when you’re dead

Everywhere you are, she is.

She is.





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